La Der des Der

First official last ride on the trail of the EndurOurthe Trail Center.
And this time we will do it properly !
Last time you were hungry / thirsty during the ride ? We will solve that !
You've been lost ? We will solve that !
After last stage you were very thirstly ? We will solve that !
You were hungry & thirsty after the ride ? We will solve that !
You think you know all the stages ? We will solve that !
You wish to help us but don't know how ? We will solve that !

With our parteners,Experiment’Ale and Bike&Wine we decide to level up this year :

  • Guiding tour
  • Party break by Bike & Wine
  • New show stage
  • Beer at the end of last stage
  • Burger at Experiment’Ale
  • Endurourthe Stickers included
And of course after party at Experiment'Ale.

And all of this for only 20€ ( drinks during after not included ;) )
It is possible to order only 1 meal and 1 drink (no bike, no ravito) for 12€.

In order to organize that properly we need registretation with payement. Closing of inscription 10/12.

Praticaly :

  • From 9.00 to 10.00 guiding tour every 10min.
  • E-bikes allowed
  • Exeperiment'Ale parking will be closed. Park yourself in the surronding, as example at TC Poulseur.
  • "The show stage is a stage done only for the event. It is forbiden to ride it after the event.
    This is a double black stage, and we will ride it at the end of the circuit. Therefore, only experimented rider can do it.
    Nevertheless, it can be easily bypassed."

The der des der is an event for confirmed rider.
Most of the stage are the red and black stages form the Trail Center.
The participation to this event is done at your own risk. EndurOurthe can not be hold responsible of any accident.

See you the 18/12 ready to ride !

  • Start from Esneux Rue de l'Athénée 2, 4130 Esneux
  • Start from Anthisnes Avenue de l'Abbaye 19, 4160 Anthisnes